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We exist to interact with God and claim our God-given right to be children of God

We exist to interact with other believers in Christ Jesus and together acclaim God as Lord of all.

We exist to interact with the world and proclaim to the world the truth and love of God.

Our Statement of Purpose revolves around the idea of interaction. We do not exist as some form of religious or ritualistic entity but as a community of people created to relate and interact with each other and with God.


Our first privilege and responsibility is to interact with God, as God wants to be involved in all of our lives. Through the life and sacrifice of Jesus we are accepted into the position of being his children. In claiming this inheritance, we do so that we may know God as a loving father with all the benefits and responsibilities that that brings.


The community of believers across the world and throughout history is known as the Church, which literally means the “gathering” or “called out ones”. We recognize and relish our place in that larger community and, together with Christians from every sphere and locality, acclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord.


The world around us is both our home and our mission field. We exist to relate to that world without bending to its philosophies or being tainted by its values. We will demonstrate the love of God through service and sacrifice and proclaim his truth faithfully and passionately.

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